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Project Partners

The Manchester Metropolitan University


Manchester Metropolitan University is one of the largest HEIs in the UK and a major economic contributor to the region. The trailblazing Centre for Enterprise sits within MMU Business School, the second largest in the UK, and specialises in research and innovation. The Centre works with SMEs on the innovation journey, entrepreneurship, the impact of regulation and quality systems and SME learning and absorptive capacity. MMU has developed online diagnostic tools, which expose organisational innovation capacity and need. MMU is the administrator of the project and co-ordinates the transfer of innovation, which involves the co-development of an e-learning course, together with SGH, to include business development and commercialisation. The diagnostic tool helps companies and individuals to work out how to take the next best steps in this process. This will be blended with the techniques already developed by SGH and adapted to meet learning needs in each country.

University of Rijeka, Croatia


Fundamental educational and research institution in western part of Croatia. Founded in 1973.

One academy, nine faculties and four university departments, with over 48 study programmes. Over 1.600 employees, more than 900 researchers and over 18.000 students.

Many years of experience in project management, with over 70 successfully realized international and EU projects in a diversity of EU R&D programmes (Tempus, LLP, PHARE, CIRCE, Framework 5/6/7, CIP IEE, LLP, Jean Monnet, Interreg, CEEPUS, Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance and others).

Projects aiming at establishing tighter relations with external stakeholders are gaining a significant share in a total number of projects since the University sees SME development programmes as the most important economic development factor for Croatia.

Through active collaboration with the economic and business sector along with partnerships for community development the University attempts to contribute towards the socio-cultural transition into a knowledge-based society.

The Warsaw School of Economics, Poland


The Warsaw School of Economics is a state academic institution of higher education. It is Poland’s most prestigious economic university, ranked by “The Financial Times” among the best 25 European economic universities (2008). As a key economic university in CEE, SGH is a member of the CEMS and PIM network. The university employs over 800 members of research staff who specialize in different disciplines of social science, such as macro- and microeconomics, economics of innovation, international economics, business management, economics of structural change, industrial economics and developmental studies, economics and social policy, and R&D policy. In the field of innovations, the activity of the Warsaw School of Economics is supported by close cooperation with the State Agency for the Development of Entrepreneurship, a public organization responsible for facilitation of technology transfer.

Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia


The goal of the school is to train the next generations of the country’s business and economic leaders. The cooperation between FEB and corporate sector is based on education, scientific research and expertise. FEB organises postgraduate specialist and postgraduate doctoral study programmes, executive education and professional training courses. FEB operates a virtual Centre of Entrepreneurship as a centre for all those who offer innovative knowledge and technologies to foster regional development and growth.

EFMD, Belgium


EFMD is an international membership organisation based in Brussels. With over 780 member organisations from academia, business, public service and consultancies in 81 countries, it provides a unique forum for information, research, networking and debate on innovation and best practices in management development. EFMD runs specialised conferences in the field of higher education in management.

Because of its network character, EFMD is the key dissemination partner in the project. Thanks to its previous extensive experience with EU projects, EFMD is also responsible for the quality assurance.

Associate Partners

The Federation of Small Businesses, the United Kingdom


FSB is the largest campaigning pressure group in the UK, with 200,000 members nationally.

It exists to promote and protect the interests of the self-employed and owners of small firms offering assistance and support 24/7, lobbying in the UK and EU, putting the small business viewpoint over to the media and drawing attention to small business issues through many social media channels. It is non-profit making and non-party political.

The FSB aims to create an atmosphere of entrepreneurship that seeps into every part of our society and makes the proposition of setting up and running a business a realistic prospect for anyone with a good idea.

The FSB campaigns tirelessly to create an atmosphere in which entrepreneurs can thrive and grow their businesses by providing benefits, services, information, training and publicity.

Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka, Croatia


STeP Ri was established by the UNIRI in order to become the premier science and technology hub, facilitating the commercialization of research & development created within the scientific community, foster cooperation between the Academia and the business sector.

First class office premises, laboratory facilities and ICT infrastructure are available for start-up and fast growing technology based companies, together with basic business and management consultancy services.

Various educational events (lectures and workshops) for innovation and entrepreneurs are held on regular basis – two events per month with 20+ average attendees co-financed by Primorsko Goranska County, European Enterprise Network and Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship.

STeP Ri is a partner organization in the Enterprise Europe Network and is supported by the Business Innovation Center BICRO.

BTM Mazovsze Ltd, Poland


BTM is a non-profit company supporting commercialization of research results conducted in the scientific institutions in Warsaw, through professional technology transfer management and rising private and public capital to finance innovative R&D. BMT brings together science, business, government and institutions and supports building of relations and initiation of cooperation between business and science in the Ochota Research Campus BioTechMed Cluster.

BTM consists of specialists highly experienced in business development, technology transfer, and innovation management who cooperate closely with many biomed companies in the Mazovia region. Thanks to this expertise, BTM will provide business relevant feedback on the innovation support programme as well as innovation transfer tools developed during the project.

Arenda, Croatia


Arenda d.o.o. is pharmaceutical, medical device and emerging medical technology company based in Croatia and fully operational in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. Arenda serves as "one stop shop" for pharmaceutical, medical devices and heath care technology companies entering Balkan region. Arenda is specialized in clinical research, regulatory, medical, market access, marketing and sales management including logistics and distribution. Within intense, ever changing knowledge based sector where strategies are „hypotheses” it is of the utmost strategic importance to manage innovation process flawlessly so proper decisions could be made and proper courses taken. Arenda’s role in SLIM project is related to understanding SME context in Croatia and helping core partners in steering the project by adding SME voice for project planning and development.

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