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The project is structured around eight key Work Packages:

  1. Project management.

    This activity is aimed at:

    • Setting up a Project Management Group and a Content Steering Committee
    • Agreeing the work plan and monitor and coordinate its execution and partners’ activities along the project life-cycle
    • Developing a lasting partnership between all partners.

  2. SME needs analysis.

    The aim of this activity is:

    • To conduct a survey among Croatian, British and Polish SMESs in order to identify the appropriate kind of support, training and advice needed by SMEs to improve their activities
    • To collect the results of this survey in two Reports, to be used to tailor the online course that SLIM is developing to help small businesses to commercialise their ideas, learning from companies with more experience and enable Croatia to maximise its educational potential in entrepreneurship.

  3. E-course development.

    This activity consists in:

    • Reviewing existing e-materials in this field
    • Developing a new course useful and relevant for SMEs and VET supporters which addresses the proven gap between supply and demand for knowledge in the Croatian business context and the European Priority - "Encouragement of co-operation between VET and the world of work”
    • Testing this course in Croatia, Poland and UK
    • Improving the course following feedback from testers.

  4. Pilot phase for testing and training.

    The aim of this activity is:

    • To identify 5 SMEs to take part in the pilot phase
    • To identify appropriate trainers, who will test the course and give support to SMEs
    • To produce a “How To Guide” guidebook, with help from the trainers, to be used by VET practitioners working with SMEs.
    • To evaluate the course and adapt it, after the testing phase.

  5. Improvement and final transfer of innovation.

    The objectives of this activity are:

    • To examine results and feedback from pilot testing and training from initial e-course development phase
    • To offer the e-course to 400 small firms (100 from each country)
    • To gather feedback from a small sample of firms using the e-course
    • To determine strengths and possible improvements for the e-course.

  6. Dissemination.

    The dissemination is carried out:

    • Developing a varied and effective Dissemination Plan for the project
    • Working effectively with VET practitioners, policy makers and SMEs to promote the project and maximise its results
    • Ensuring European, national and regional visibility for the project through press releases, social media, newsletters, webpages, leaflets, participation in and organisation of events
    • Ensuring that the e-course reaches as many SMEs as possible.

  7. Quality assurance.

    Quality assurance aims at:

    • Ensuring that all processes and monitoring regulations comprise the highest quality best practice in this areas
    • Developing processes to failsafe this quality of delivery
    • Ensuring that all partners are aware of quality processes, and abide by them.

  8. Exploitation and future sustainability of the results.

    Exploitation and sustainability are guaranteed:

    • Ensuring that all results and outputs of the project, as well as project materials and processes, are exploited to their full capacity and are as sustainable as possible.
    • Developing, writing and undertaking a Commercialisation Plan for project outputs
    • Sustaining companies relationships, potentially between countries
    • Working to develop future work between partners and VET practitioners in a pan-European context.

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